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Vortex meets Mojodojo

With other exciting new artists already on Mojodojo Media it looks like a bright and creative future with New signing Dmitry Sereda. Keeping things experimental and very dancefloor at the same time Dmitry will be releasing under the guise of Vortex. This project has already had releases on Argentine label and now with Mojodojo Media. You can expect some exciting sounds to be released around June this year.
For now head on over to his Myspace Profile and check out some of the sounds this producer is coming up with. Styles and influences ranging from rock and jazz through to the IDM and dub scenes are sure to ignite his techno productions with imagination and relentless passion.
Welcome Dmitry aka Vortex to your ears with his latest mix coming soon…

Mojodojo Media Sessions 05 | Milton Bustamante

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