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Digitalpulse, River Rock EP is now available in stores... It consists of 3 tracks by Digitalpulse and 1 remix by Thomas Nordwest. Track 3 " Shuffle Stream (original) has been featured by Beats Digital.

Endangered Species EP

1. Wallaby
2. Breach

This release was inspired by the fact that the worlds amazing bio diversity shrinks every day. This alarm was translated into the track Breach first and wallaby was written soon after. We hope to raise awareness for the plight of the endangered species who have no voice. Consider the following informationů

Red Eyed Tree Frog
Red eyed tree frogs are found in tropical lowland rainforests near ponds, rivers and streams in southern Mexico, Central America (including Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras), and northern South America. They are nocturnal carnivores hiding in the rain forest canopy awaiting unsuspecting crickets, flies, and moths.
While the Red-eyed tree frog itself is not endangered. Their habitat is shrinking at an alarming rate. As frogs are a well known symbol for awareness of the worlds shrinking habitat they are often the first indicator for an ecosystem imbalance, we must observe them closely.

Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby
Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallabies live in eastern Australia, and have also been successfully introduced to New Zealand and Hawaii.
Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallabies were once abundant throughout the mountainous of South-Eastern Australia. Unfortunately due to predators such as foxes, dogs, competition with introduced herbivores and from fur hunters in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the brush-tailed rock wallaby is considered endangered. There are only a few colonies left in New South Wales and Queensland, and they are critically endangered in Victoria.
Perhaps a little something about the extinction rate of Australian species, apparently we kill off more species than anywhere else in the world.

XU, releasing Ohne Licht is an EP that is much deeper and darker than previous releases. A different path for XU with subs so thick the bass is dripping from the walls. Fatter slicker production and distinctly Mojodojovibe combine for an exciting release.

Ohne licht sets the tone with a hypnotic dark exploration of sounds that adds colour but no light.
Intangible is a more upfront tribal groove for the minimal listener.

Again impeccably mastered large phat solid sounds courtesy of Blacklisted mastering engineer Chris McCormack. These mixes are solid.

Ohne Licht EP by XU

1. Ohne Licht beatsdigital
2. Intangible beatsdigital

Stealth EP by Digitalpulse


Exciting times here at Mojodojo Media... We are proud to introduce the debut EP by Digitalpulse called Stealth. The atmosphere is dark and melodic, the energy is percussive and pumpin, it adds up to a very massive sound. Quite simply, loud it gives you tingles!

Mojodojo Media is also lucky enough to have techno audiophile Chris McCormack from Blacklisted Mastering onboard taking it to the next level.

Control Crazy EP by XU


Enter the Mojodojo EP by XU

Enter the Mojodojo
Girl from another world