Lewis Hamilton: Formula 1 simulators no better than computer games

Lewis Hamilton says he can learn "the very same quantity" about Formula 1 circuits playing computer games as he can by driving in the Mercedes simulator.Simulators have ended up being a practically common tool in F1 in recent times, as the rules have significantly limited on-track screening.Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg recently described parts of Mercedes' simulation of the new Baku street circuit as "unusual", and Hamilton said he drove just eight laps in the sim ahead of this weekend's European Grand Prix because of the tool's restrictions.

"I don't drive the simulator a lot because it's not at its finest at the minute - we're dealing with attempting to make it much better," Hamilton stated."I don't do a lot of time in simulators. When I was at McLaren we did method too much."I could spend 100 on a PlayStation and learn the exact same quantity."

Hamilton said the simulator was more use to engineers than motorists, because the sensations of driving a genuine vehicle cannot be reproduced properly in a sim.

"There's a difference in between driving a simulator and driving the real thing - you have no emotion," Hamilton included."When you get into the simulator you need to adjust yourself to the simulator, when you get in the automobile you do not get used to it, you drive.

"When you enter the simulator you need to change all your sensations - you do not get the same movements, the same bumps.

"You drive the exact same track the day in the past and on Monday you drive the simulator and the bumps aren't there, the kerbs are various, the speed is various.

"You do not feel the speed; you don't feel the physicality of it.

"The engineers find out more from the fuel usage, the power usage and aerodynamics."

Hamilton also exposed that he does not stroll circuits anymore, something that prevails practice amongst the majority of F1 groups and drivers during a grand prix weekend.

"I've walked around circuits since Formula Renault to probably my third or fourth year in F1 and it made absolutely no difference to my weekend," Hamilton stated.

"I've not walked a track since 2010 and it made absolutely no distinction.

"It might work for others, however for me it does not."