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SharePoint Quotas Overview

SharePoint comes with an interesting feature: Site quotas. It is quite easy to implement it but there is still a lot of questions about this. SharePoint quotas are used the same way with SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

First of all, a short definition of quota term: Quota is a restriction of quantity. In the case of SharePoint, quantity is data volume.

Quota scope

Quota can be used at site collection (SPSite) level only. There is no way to use it with site (SPWeb) or list. It is quite important to know this limitation as logical architecture will be impacted by quota needs.

Quota template

Quota template is a set of three properties:

  • Template Name;
  • Limit site storage;
  • Warning email level

These properties are configurable through the interface.


You can configure quota templates through the user interface in the central administration. Because of this, you need farm administrator permission.


Full Quota template user interface:


Applying / removing quota to / from a site collection

In the Central Administration, you can apply quota to a site collection.


You can also use the object model (SPSite.Quota) or Powershell to perform this operation.

Storage Space Allocation page

As a site collection administrator, you can have a overview of the space used by documents in the site collection. Just go to the site collection settings and click on Storage space allocation. This link will show the following page: /_layouts/storman.aspx">http://<site_url>/_layouts/storman.aspx


If the link is not available, it is pretty sure that quotas are not active on your site collection. You can try to navigate directly to the page but you will see a error message instead :-) This message is

The storage space allocation page cannot be used for sites that do not have a storage quota defined.


So, have a quick overview of these simple but useful reports. You will have the choice between several display modes. First one is “Document libraries” as it is the most space consumer.


But you also have to possibility to list files instead of libraries…


Unfortunately, we cannot have access to more than 100 items using the interface. The only way to do this is to create a custom page.

Hope it helps! Have a good day



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